About Art on the Web

Established in 1998 to help fine art and antique dealers and business clients capitalize on the profound potential of the world wide web. The internet provides a vast marketplace for small-to-medium-sized businesses to advertise, interact with and sell goods and services to new clients they might otherwise not reach.

Gary Bortz - Managing Director

The design, coding and search engine marketing, promotion and optimization of your web site will be supervised by Gary Bortz, managing director of Art on the Web since its inception.

An investment banker for 10 years with a Phd in economics, Gary has for the past twelve years focused on creating a full-service web design and internet marketing company which merges his two overarching passions - fine art & antiques and the evolution of the internet.

Gary has been a keen collector in a variety of fine art and antique fields and is know among dealers for being a true connoisseur of the arts. This aspect of his experience is quite important for helping dealers develop a presence on the internet which conveys the right "feel" to collectors, presents their stock in a user-friendly and logical way, and for putting skeptical dealers at ease with this sometimes daunting and unfamiliar medium of communication.

Because of the managing director's wealth of experience in the financial and banking sectors, we are particularly adept at working with companies marketing financial products and services. Additionally, with his wealth of business experience, he will quickly understand the nature of your business and help you "solve" the issue of how to sell your company of the internet and package your web content in a concise and impactful manner.

We pride ourselves on offering clients good value for their money. Without name brands to back them, every dollar spent by a client on their web site is not just for prestige or but vanity, but to provide global exposure, search engine visibility and a return on the money they have invested. Consequently we allocate a lot of time studying the way search engines rank sites and trying to incorporate this knowledge into every web site we build.

Specialties - HTML, CSS, ASP (for dynamic sites) and Flash

Art on the Web offers a complete package of design, coding and marketing services, enabling even the most technophobic clients to have a striking looking and successful web site up and running with a minimum of effort on their part. Art on the Web assists clients through every phase of the design, implementation and ongoing operation and marketing of their web sites.

We design a variety of web site from simple brochure-like sites to database-driven ecommerce web sites with content management systems and customer order histories. We work primarily in html, asp and css to provide modern-looking, cleanly presented and transparent content on the web. We also offer clients expertise in Flash animation but prefer to limit its usage because it is not conducive to establishing a dominant search engine position. Search engines almost wholly do not "read" the content of a Flash movie.

Andrew Jones - New York City based contemporary artist

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